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Vera Vandals World
Here are some words in german: Welches wahnwitzige Hirn steckt hinter den Seiten wie Punk.de, sexypunk.de, OpenPunk.de etc?

Fratz A. Thum, geboren 1967 in einem kleinen katholischen Kaff in Bayern bekam 1980 die erste Hass-Platte in die Finger und danach war nichts mehr wie vorher.

1983/84 spielte er in seinen ersten Punkbands und ...
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Blättern Rückwärts  Bastards on Parade: BASTARDS ON PARADE - Empty Bottles & ...  Blättern Vorwärts

Bastards on Parade: BASTARDS ON PARADE - Empty Bottles & Broken Things Click on a picture to enlarge it.

11,00 €

Hailing from celtic Galicia, Bastards on Parade was born in 2008 and the idea was to combine their celtic roots with their loved punk rock with influences going from Rancid, Swingin Utters, The Pogues and The Real Mckenzies.
Since the very beginning the band captured the media attention, especially in Europe and USA, releasing three EP's critically acclaimed. After that, they released their first full lenght in 2011"Tales from the Death Shore", that finished among the best celtic rock albums of the year worldwide, 4th place just behind names as Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys.
They tour consistently all over Europe with their passionate, energetic and whiskey flavoured show and shared stage with acts like Street Dogs, The Real McKenzies (our piper toured with them all over the world in 2012), Flatfoot 56 or The Mahones just to name a few, to become one of the youngest and most popular punk folk bands in the old continent.
Now are considered one of the best bands in Spain and prove of that is their appereance in all major festivals throughout the country as Resurrection Festival, Derrame Rock, Aupa Lumbreiras.
This summer 2013 the band has just signed with the german label Wolverine records, to put out a new album this time produced by John Rioux (Street Dogs) and mastered by Dan Randall in California, so get ready because the band is stronger than ever and they are ready to drink the world. Album available as CD, Download and limited Vinyl LP.


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